Top Tips For Protecting Your House From Christmas Burglars

Thieves are more likely to be interested in breaking into properties at this time of year so here are some top tips for protecting your home from this Xmas.

Hooded burglar breaking into a home with a crowbar

At this time of year, burglars know that people’s timber frame homes are stuffed to the rafters with presents, big and small… so they’re far more likely to be interested in breaking into properties as there’s more swag than usual lying around.

It might be worth checking to see if your home and contents insurance policy provides you with any extra cover above the original sum insured so that if you are unlucky enough to be broken into at this time of year you know you’ll be able to recoup your losses.

That said, you should also take the time to review your security measures at home so you know they’re robust enough to keep intruders out – especially if you’re going away for a bit of winter sun and will be leaving your house unattended for a few days or weeks.

Firstly, make sure that you keep all presents and gifts well out of sight. It might be tempting to put them under the tree in the living room but this could serve as an invitation to people looking to make a quick buck at your expense.

Always lock your doors and close your windows, and never leave your house or car keys near the front door as someone may be able to access them using your letterbox.

And if you do have plans to get away this Christmas, whatever you do don’t post your whereabouts on social media. Be mindful that burglars do monitor these sites to see who’s in and who’s out, and which house represents an easy target.


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