Why Minnesota’s Interest In Timber Is Important For Manufacturers

Construction workers are always looking out for the best resource to take advantage of in the development of new buildings, whether it is for homes or hotels. In fact, it is no surprise that one material is continuing to attract the interest of more manufacturers: timber.

Of course, options such as steel remain popular in the construction industry, but there could be a significant shift that could take place in one area of the US. West Central Tribune reports that a manufacturer is showing a real interest in bringing timber to the state of Minnesota.

APEX has sent out surveys to 11 sawmills in the region to see if Minnesota would be a viable state to sustain a mass timber industry.

Tamara Lowney, the senior business developer of economic development for APEX, commented: “We have declining wood market use in Minnesota, so it’s not to say this will replace those, but if we can show Minnesota has an opportunity to support this type of manufacturer, then perhaps we can bring in a secondary manufacturer.”

Ms Lowney has said that timber would “diversify the sawmill industry and then add secondary manufacturing”.

It is not only Minnesota that has taken this approach. In fact, research was carried out in Maine last year to see if a timber industry could operate in the state. It turned out to be a successful study and the state is preparing to build its own facility.

There could be more states that take notice of the research being carried out and consider an investment in the material. After all, timber provides many benefits for the construction industry, from its efficiency in building to its fire-resistant properties.