Self-Build Properties ‘Don’t Have To Be Huge’

When people think of self-build homes, they often picture large and elaborate mansion-style properties, but one expert has recently stressed that a self-build home doesn’t need to be huge.

In an article for the Eastern Daily Press, Ron Beattie of Beattie Passive, explained that a self-build project can be scaled down, as well as up. This means more people could benefit from living in bespoke homes if they think more creatively about the process.

He also noted that a self-build project doesn’t have to mean building your entire property, either. It could be an additional building that works with your existing home, like a home office or separate guest accommodation.

“High performance, energy efficient buildings with no (or very little) heating requirements bring a new dimension and added value to their way of life,” Mr Beattie stated in reference to some of his clients who have chosen to go down this route.

For these kinds of structures, you may want to consider using timber frames rather than more traditional construction techniques, with Mr Beattie noting that moving away from “conventional methods of construction” can result in “a significantly enhanced living environment”.

More and more people could go down this route to add space to their existing properties, if a survey by the Federation of Master Builders (FMB) is anything to go by.

The organisation found that 31 per cent of those surveyed believe that building more granny flats could help ease the housing crisis, with the same percentage also supporting the introduction of more micro-homes in urban areas.