Timber Frame Skyscraper To Be Built In Tokyo

A forestry company from Japan is planning an incredibly ambitious – and some would say crazy – project for its 350th anniversary. Amazing as it may sound, the Sumitomo Forestry Company is in the development stage of designing a wooden tower which will be 350 meters in height and located in the suburbs of Tokyo. Achieving this goal will mean that the timber skyscraper will be the highest-ever built wooden structure on earth.

The project, codenamed “W350“, has been developed in partnership with Nikken Sekkei as a means to “change cities into forests”; the longstanding dream and activity of Sumitomo which specialises in advanced construction projects which utilise wood as a primary resource. To achieve this lofty goal, the gigantic tower will be made of an expected 185,000 cubic meters of hybrid wooden-material, 90% wood and 10% steel, which has environmental and anti-seismic qualities.

The building will be 455,000 m², comprise of 70 floors and will have apartments, offices, hotels and shops located within. The artist’s drawings reveal a luminous architecture dotted with trees and foliage. Because of these grand plans, the ladder-like wooden beams will cost a colossal total of 600 billion yen – which equates to four billion, seventeen million pounds; which unsurprisingly is twice the cost of a traditional skyscraper. The company hopes to find innovations to reduce costs before its planned erection in 2041.

As experts in the engineering, design, manufacture and erection of Timber framing we wish the Sumitomo Forestry Company all the best in this exciting an highly innovative project.