What Features Will Help You Sell Your Timber Frame House?

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If you’re about to put your timber frame house on the market, it might be a good idea to have a quick look round to see if there are any improvements to be made that could help facilitate the sale – and get you the price you want for the property.

New research from price comparison site Gocompare.com has just revealed the top 20 features of a house that would help people sell up and move on, with the top five emerging as central heating, double glazing, a garden, secure doors and windows, and a driveway or parking space.

The company’s Matt Sanders rightly observed that it’s a huge investment buying a house and the majority of people will only part with their cash if it feels right.

“We found that many potential buyers are prioritising efficiency, security and connectivity over aesthetic features. This suggests that modern buyers are buying with their heads rather than their hearts and that investing in things like a new boiler, additional electrical sockets or modernising your home’s insulation could be a smarter investment than traditional selling points such as period features or conservatories,” he went on to say.

If you are hoping to sell your house this year,  bear in mind as well that first impressions do count for an awful lot – so make sure the outside of your house is as inviting and welcoming as the inside. They often say that buyers make up their mind about a property before they’ve even stepped inside so dedicating a bit of time and effort to your outdoor spaces could certainly yield positive results in the end.


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