London’s Timber Frame ‘Micro Home of the Future’

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With central London’s property and rental market ballooning, even at the lowest end, some creative thinkers have come up with a way for people to own their own timber frame home on a shoestring. There is one thing to mention however, and that is that you’re buying a micro house.

The portable, eco-friendly micro house is the concept of Ecodom, which is planning to auction off a prototype on the 30th July for a guide price of £8,000 – £12,000 – somewhat incomparable to the prices of one bedroom flats in the heart of London.

However, at 12 square metres, it may be one of the smaller one bed room flats you look around – and it is, in a way, actually a studio house. With a fold down bed, kitchenette and shower room in its small space, it’s a fully functional home.

With the main structure built almost entirely from wood, including a timber frame at its base, it’s ecologically sound, as well as promising superb energy efficient qualities.

Unfortunately, if you make a bid on this little wonder, you’re only buying the structure itself, not the land it sits on, and you’ll have to make arrangements to collect and locate your new micro home. It also sits at over 10 foot tall, so it will require planning permission from your local council before you can put it up in your garden, reported Homes and Property.

While it’s not quite the perfect solution quite yet, we can see this micro home idea really taking off with London’s army of long-distance commuters.


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