The Mini Home Concept


Technological innovations and changes in society have always influenced how and where people want to live. At present, flexible working hours and the rise of, so called, digital nomads have meant that many people are looking for new concepts of living which match their lifestyles. Many are also questioning whether they need a large home with many rooms, as energy prices are continuing to rise. Manufacturers have recognised these signs and have been developing a functional and affordable living concept that can be built in a small space – namely the mini-home.

When looking at the type of person interested in such properties, it is easy to start to understand why it makes sense for them. Examples include, professionals who work around the world and only require a small living base to live in for short periods, singles and couples who own a large property with land, love being located in that area but do not want to live in a house with six rooms, but perhaps only two to three. Similarly, there are parents or grandparents who no longer need the space of a whole family home and therefore pass the house on to their children who are bringing up a young family. What better way to stay close and to optimise the space you have than by building a neighbouring mini home, tailored precisely to your lifestyle.

A modular architectural style usually characterises mini home construction, i.e. a building built up of single and stacked cuboid shapes. This allows for unique designs, layout and concepts for space-saving interiors, which are widely admired and utilised by architects and designers. The modular design dramatically decreases construction timeframe, costs and the simple forms make the installation of the latest smart home technology easy.

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