How Secure Is Your Timber Frame Home?

timber frame home security

The top security mistakes that homeowners in the UK make have been revealed – and reading up on them could really help you beef up security in your own timber frame home.

Research from The Co-op Insurance shows the top mistakes to be keeping sheds unlocked, leaving items outside that could be used to break windows, leaving the windows themselves open, having deliveries hidden outside, leaving ladders in the garden, hiding keys under plant pots or elsewhere in the garden, posting on social media that you’ll be leaving the house empty and leaving tall items beneath the windows.

“Most burglaries are opportunistic and many can be prevented by taking basic steps to protect your home. We strongly recommend making your home look occupied when you leave it for both short and long periods, and if you’re out in the garden and you cannot see the doors or windows of your property then they should be shut and locked,” chair of Neighbourhood Watch Jim Maddan said.

Tips from the company for keeping your property safe include thinking before sharing information online, installing a visual burglar alarm and actually using it, keeping valuable items out of sight in the house and hiding car keys away so they can’t be seen from outside.

You might be surprised at just how many people have a burglar alarm and don’t actually put it on when they leave their house. To ensure that your property remains protected, always put the alarm on. In fact, you may find that your home insurance policy is invalidated if you don’t leave the alarm on when going out.


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