How To Save Money On Home Improvements

If you're looking to carry out home renovations anytime soon then take a look at our blog to find this handy guide on how to save money along the way!

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If you’re looking to carry out home renovations this year then you might be interested in finding the best timber manufacturer to get the works on a new extension underway. Major renovations can really cost more than you’d imagine, so it’s handy to have guides, like this from Which?, on how to save money along the way.

When it comes to searching for a new kitchen do your homework and shop around. If you find a kitchen you love from a particular company then it can sometimes be worth visiting a variety of branches to see if there is any price difference. More often than not, employees will be able to offer varying discounts for securing a kitchen deal with you. Make sure that, once you’ve made the decision on what you want, you check carefully for any hidden extras in there to bump up the cost, such as special soft close hinges, cornicing and pricey high end handles and knobs. These could possibly be cut if money is tight.

With kitchen electricals, consider carefully what you need and how often you’ll realistically use the items, sometimes buying separate and free-standing electricals can make a big difference to the overall cost of the kitchen and save you some money. Many people tend to shy away from very high-tech products on offer from a brand as they don’t know enough information and may seem too difficult to use, but this is often something where careful research should be taken as many have great features which could make an appliance you use every day more efficient and cost effective saving money in the long run.

If you plan to extend your property, whether that be a side extension or a conservatory, make sure you stick to whatever the initial quote you receive is. ran a survey which found that 11 per cent of people ended up paying extra than the original quote offered, and often this has been bumped up with window accessories or heating solutions for the space. The research saw five per cent of people willing to pay extra for a home extension, but 32 per cent wanted to spend less.

Most of us tend to call in a professional for every single thing that needs fixing around our homes, no matter how big or small the job is. Hiring someone comes at a cost and you’ll be surprised how many DIY tasks are easily fixed and achievable by having a go yourself. Invest in some basic tools which in the long run will save you money, and give you the satisfaction of carrying out the task yourself.

Bathrooms can be one of the most costly renovations in your home, so again like the kitchen, do some careful planning and look around for the best deals. Don’t settle for the first quote you get. In a recent study, 2,391 people were asked of their experience of purchasing and installing a bathroom from some brand leaders in bathrooms. The study showed how 25 per cent of people definitely wanted to spend a lot less on their bathroom suites this year compared to 2017 and 15 per cent wanted to spend more.


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