Offsite Manufacturing Vital To UK’s House Building Targets

It's believed that using offsite construction methods could improve the efficiency and speed of the house building process.


Wooden frame of a new house under construction

The UK’s house building industry needs to prioritise offsite construction if it is to meet the ambitious targets set by the government.

This is the opinion of Jonathan Hunter, director of Elecosoft, who wrote for Showhome that using offsite construction methods can help address some of the issues facing the building industry – namely how to improve the efficiency and speed of the house building process.

However, he noted that there are other advantages that could encourage more construction companies to seek out timber manufacturers.

Mr Hunter commented: “The industry too is recognising offsite manufacturing as a viable solution to skilled staff and material shortages and delivering more homes.”

There is evidence to support this too, with the recent Lloyds Housebuilding Report noting that 61 per cent of house builders in the UK have started adopting site-based modern methods of construction (MMC) whereby components are made elsewhere and then assembled onsite.

A host of advantages come from this method of construction, Mr Hunter added. These include improving sustainability, reducing the amount of time it takes to erect a new house, and the stringent quality control of the various parts of a property that are made offsite under factory conditions.

“Offsite manufacturing’s economies of scale and increased opportunities for automation also offer considerable cost advantages compared to traditional building methods,” he stated.

While large-scale house builders can benefit from this process, so too can self-builders. Advantages such as the speed with which these homes can be assembled, as well as the lower costs, can benefit those who want to design and build their own properties as much as bigger developers.


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