The Beauty of Timber Frame Homes

Timber frame homes have been a feature of British life for centuries. Timber is not only a reliable material, it is also cost effective and incredibly beautiful, providing a versatility that can match you imagination. Homes made from timber are also incredibly popular in countries such as America due to the ease in which the timber can be transported and constructed to meet any design that you can imagine.

Houses made from timber have been built for hundreds of years due to its abundance and its sturdy nature. When you have lived in such a construction, you realise that they have a unique feel of homeliness whilst at the same time being modern, because of their versatility of design.

Homes made from timber can come in all shapes and sizes due to the ease in which timber can be designed, transported and constructed. If you invest in timber frame homes then you will be making an invest in the future. These homes will stand strong up to 60 years minimum, and can last much longer than that with good care and attention.

Such homes are not only durable, they are also relatively cheap and versatile and can be used to create home which look modern or homes which look traditional. If you are planning on building your ideal home, then timber frame homes are the answer.

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Timber Frame Homes are the Economical Choice

If you choose to have your home built with masonry, then you are liable to have a lot of excess waste from the development. When a home is built with masonry, very often there are a lot of excess materials that you will have paid for. With a timber home there is no excess waste in the building process so you are only paying for the product that you receive. This means that you can make huge savings on a timber frame home, and you can know all of the costs up front.

With a timber frame home you can budget the cost of your building project much more accurately, because all of the costs can be easily calculated upfront. With a masonry project there are far more variables in the construction project and therefore far more areas where the development could potentially hit a problem. With a timber frame home the design and construction is a relatively simple process, as the sections of the building are designed to fit together as they manufactured. This means that timber frame buildings can be constructed much more quickly than with masonry.

The quicker construction times of timber frame homes, means that you will be able to save a lot of money on labour. The simplicity of constructing the buildings provides fewer areas where the construction could falter. The timber frames are relatively cheap to transport to the building site when compared with masonry, and there are no excess materials that you will have to pay for, as all necessary materials can be accurately measured, before the construction begins.

At every stage of the construction process for timber frame buildings, there is money and time to be saved. This is why timber frame homes have become so popular in the UK and around the world, because timber frame buildings are the economical choice.

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The Benefits of a Timber Frame Home When Compared with Masonry

There are many benefits in opting for a timber frame home when compared with a home built by masonry, and this is reflected in the number of new homes across the UK, Europe and North America, which are predominantly timber frame buildings.

The main benefit of opting for a timber frame home revolves around the much faster construction time. Once the panels have been manufactured, a timber frame home can be assembled within a week. This is a much faster construction time when compared with masonry, as a home built with masonry will usually take a few months, depending on the size of the project, there is a lot of money to be saved by building a timber frame home.

The reduced build time for a timber frame homes not only saves you money in labor, it also reduces the likelihood that any health and safety problems may occur during the construction of the building. As the construction time for a timber frame building is usually only a week, and the sections of the building have been manufactured to harmoniously fit together, there is far less time, and far fewer ways, for any accidents to occur during construction process, when compared with masonry. This reduced exposure to risk is just one of the many reasons why a timber frame home is far more desirable than a home built with masonry.

The environmental benefits of choosing a timber frame home are also very compelling. The timber frames are constructed from renewable resources and there is very little excess waste during the creation of a timber frame home. Timber frame homes are also excellent at heat insulation, saving you a lot of money through the years on utility bills.

It is no mistake that the majority of new homes in the UK are made from timber. The level of quality provided cannot be matched by any other method, and there is a lot of money to be saved with timber constructions when compared with the costs of masonry.

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The Benefits of Building with a Timber Frame

Timber is one of the oldest materials for constructing homes, however, due to technological advancements it still remains the most versatile and environmentally friendly material which you can build with.

The benefits of constructing with a timber frame are overwhelming. When you build a property with a timber frame, you can expect it to be built at least a third faster than with any other material. This is an incredible bonus as it reduces the costs of labour, as well as allowing you to have your new property as quickly as possible, whether it be your ideal home or a place of business, you can begin to make a profit as soon as possible. Much faster building times also result in lower expenses, especially for labour, as well as for other overheads.

Faster build times are not the only positive of a timber frame construction. Such homes have virtually no negative effects on the environment, as all of the timber is responsibly sourced from renewable supplies.

A timber structure is also excellent at storing in heat due to its thermal properties. This means that you can also expect to make large savings on your utility bills, as you will have to use less resources to get the property warm and keep it at that temperature.

These houses are also usually a lot cheaper to design, build and transport than other materials, making timber the wisest material for any new builds. This is why they are so popular across Europe and North America. Cheaper to build, cheaper to run, without any negative effects on the environment and all completed much more quickly that any other material. If you are considering which material you should use for next building project, then you only need to think about timber frame.

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Why Has The Timber Frame Become So Popular

In areas such as Scotland, timber frame structures now accounts for two thirds of new properties built, with a similar scale of production across most of the Western world. Across the whole of the UK, one fifth of all properties are now timber frame structures.

This massive growth is not a coincidence. It is due to the clear benefits of having a building made from timber opposed to other building methods. This is why the number of timber frame constructions continue to grow in the UK and so much faster than any of the other alternative methods, such as masonry.

Timber can be used to construct an infinite number of designs and the versatility of the material. These are just some of the reasons why creating a timber property is so satisfying.

You will also save large amounts of money throughout the life of your timber frame building. There is money to be saved in the time of construction, as timber frame structures are mush faster to erect, so in turn you will save money on labour as the build will be quicker. You will also save over the long term on your utility bills because of its heat insulation properties, when compared with masonry. You will also get to save the environment as well, as timber is responsibly sourced, leaving you with no carbon footprint, money in your pocket and a lot of saved time.

So when you choose what material you would like your new construction built with, the only sensible answer is, timber frame.

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Timber Frame Houses are the Future

Timber frame houses are fast becoming the most popular form of new build in the world, accounting for nearly three quarters of houses across the world. Nearly every home in America and Scandinavia is a timber frame house and the UK is quickly catching up with the rest of the world when it comes to realising their amazing potential.

A tenth of new homes built in the UK are now timber frame houses and this number is rising rapidly. As for self builds in the UK, timber now accounts for nearly every new home.  This is a really significant statistic, because it shows that nearly every person looking to build their dream home has discovered that timber is the best material for the job. If nearly every new self build in the UK is a timber frame, that shows that everyone who has investigated what the best material is, found that the answer is timber.

Timber frame houses have proven themselves to be most cost effective, most reliable and the easiest form of new build to transport and assemble. When you plan your dream home, you are not limited in the same way as with other materials.

The cost effective nature of timber, combined with low transportation costs, as well the relative ease of construction, and a freedom of architectural design, that cannot be matched at a reasonable price, all explain why timber frame houses are the most popular form of new build across much of the globe.

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The Long Term Savings of Timber Frame Houses

Timber frame houses account for nearly all new self builds in the UK for many reasons. The cost of constructing and designing timber frame houses is far less than nearly all other materials. The benefits of the low costs can be discovered almost instantly, especially in terms of transporting the materials to be constructed. However, there are also long term savings to be found when you make the choice to move into a timber frame house.

Timber has been shown to be nearly fifty percent more effective at insulating heat than a house built with bricks and mortar. When you factor in the annual savings of having nearly fifty percent better heat efficiency, please don’t forget the rising cost of gas and electricity bills, which have been steadily increasing for decades.

When you choose a timber frame house, you are making an investment which could save you more than the cost of the house itself. Timber frame houses will stand for at least 60 years minimum, and with good care and attention they can last a lot longer than that. The money saved over the long life of your home will add up to a fortune over time and that is why timber frame houses are the home of the future.

The benefits of timber frame houses are overwhelming. Compared to houses constructed with bricks and mortar, the decision is easy –

– Timber frame houses are the most cost effective way to build a new home

– The material which gives you most freedom over the design of your new home is timber

– Timber frame houses are nearly fifty percent more economical at storing in heat, compared with homes built from bricks and mortar

Timber frame houses will save you a lot of money in utility bills over time, when compared with homes constructed with masonry. So why not start planning your ideal timber house today?


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