Keep Your Building Site Safe In A Storm

Water drops raindrops pattern on wooden table planks. Shallow depth of field.

If you are building your first timber frame home then this has been a good summer for it, except for the storms.

There have been a number of storms breaking the recent heatwave the UK has been experiencing, and there are more to come. Take heed of these points to make sure that the impact of bad weather on your schedule is minimised.

1. Make a storm preparedness plan

This can be as complex as you would like but one of the most important aspects of it is to consider taking images before a storm so you have a record of how far along a project was before a storm hit.

You will also want to check your insurance coverage to find out what exactly is covered in the event of a storm, and what you will need to do to claim. What information will they need for example?

2. Have an evacuation plan

Keep an eye on the weather forecast, and if necessary close the site for a day. Make sure that you know what to do if a storm approaches.

Do you have somewhere to place hazardous materials and objects? This includes materials that could cause a contamination problem if spilled and also objects that could cause damage if blown over in the wind.

Consider whether or not you have time to dismantle scaffolding, and also if you can cover up and rubbish or debris on the site. It is a good idea to keep on top of this so they can be cleared away quickly.

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