House Builders ‘Adopting Modern Construction Methods’

It seems a growing number of house builders are adapting their construction methods and making use of new technology.


A growing number of house builders in the UK are adapting their construction methods and are making use of new technology and approaches to help deliver the homes the country needs, a new report has suggested.

The annual Lloyds Housebuilding Report found that the likes of modular housing, panelised systems and site-based modern methods of construction (MMC) are being utilised by a growing number of firms.

For example, 68 per cent of the businesses surveyed revealed that they are making use of modular housing, while 61 per cent have adopted site-based MMC. This is where the various components of a home are brought together and assembled onsite.

This could mean that more companies are building timber frame houses, with the components crafted by a specialist offsite and brought to the plot of land for assembly and erection.

As well as looking at new methods of construction, businesses in the sector are also more focused on sustainability than they were in the past, with 82 per cent of those questioned saying that it’s now more of a consideration than it was five years ago.

David Cleary, regional director and national head of housing, commercial banking at Lloyds, said that it was “inspiring” to be working with the industry that is “focused on innovation and overcoming multiple challenges as it looks to deliver sustainable growth and the new homes the nation badly needs”.

Last year, research from Pinsent Masons showed that Kent is one of the places in the UK that’s embracing offsite construction, with 700 of the 15,000 prefab homes constructed around the country in 2017 located in the county.


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