Govt Must Ensure New Immigration System ‘Meets Industry Needs’

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Following the last week (June 24th) that the British electorate has voted to leave the EU, the chief executive of the Federation of Master Builders has urged the government to make sure that the new immigration system to be introduced meets the needs of the housebuilding industry.

Brian Berry explained that the construction industry in the UK has been reliant on migrant workers from countries like Lithuania, Romania and Poland for decades. Currently, 12 per cent of construction workers are actually not from the UK.

“They have helped the construction industry bounce back from the economic downturn when 400,000 skilled workers left our industry, most of which did not return,” he said.

Mr Berry also stressed the importance of investing in local talent through apprenticeship training so that the country can reduce its reliance on migrant workers, whether they’re from Europe or even further afield. “It’s not exaggeration to say that a few wrong moves by the government could result in the skills crisis becoming a skills catastrophe,” he added.

Meanwhile, the Council of Mortgage Lenders set out to reassure people looking to buy timber frame homes and other such properties following the vote to leave. It advised that the quicker markets resettle themselves, the less impact the housing market will feel. Mortgage offers will not be affected by the news of Brexit and it’s unlikely that mortgage pricing will react instantly to the news.

However, it is possible that pricing could be affected in the near future because of the impact on lenders’ cost of funds that may arise as a result of perceived economic uncertainty.


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