Construction Workers’ Mental Health And Wellbeing Prioritised

Set Of Happy Male And Female Construction Workers

Employers and employees within the timber frame houses sector will be aware of the taboo surrounding mental health and wellbeing, but the construction industry is breaking down barriers by rolling out the Mates in Mind initiative.

The scheme has supported a flexible approach to the needs of individual areas of the construction sector. It aims to tackle poor mental health within the industry, as well as nurture good mental health within the workforce.

The key to Mates in Mind’s success is breaking the silence surrounding mental health in the construction industry, and in society as a whole, by promoting a culture of positive wellness.

According to Health and Safety Executive figures, 18 per cent of work-related illness in the British construction sector are due to mental health issues such as anxiety, depression and stress, accounting for 400,000 lost working days per year.

In addition, construction deaths from suicide are believed to be ten times higher than those of fatal workplace accidents.

Chair of the Mates in Mind board Steve Hails said: “Mates in Mind represents a meaningful way forward for tackling mental ill health in the workplace whilst also encouraging a positive wellbeing culture. Uniquely, this approach offers flexibility which enables a business to tailor the resources to their needs so that priorities can be more effectively targeted.”

Worker safety is taken seriously by Southern Timber Frame, which has made health and safety a priority with an in-house supervisor for health and safety matters, and external support to ensure the company is up to date with the latest regulations.


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