2017 Best Self-Build Homes

The winners from the Home Building & Renovating Awards have been showcasing the best self builds from the past year in the UK.

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If you’re planning on self-building and designing your own timber frame home, then you’ll undoubtedly always be on the lookout for inspiration and ideas. Well, we’ve got a treat for you – this list from The Daily Telegraph of the winners from their Home Building and Renovating Awards, showcasing the best self builds from the past year in the UK, all conceived by their creative owners. Here are some of the most noteworthy stories.

First up, the champion of the awards, not just winning the ‘Best Starter Home’ Award, but also the overall competition. Clare Williamson and Oscar Baldry created their now award-winning home from a disused newsagent, which still had shelves stocked with old goods from when it closed down. They had the skills to turn this unloved space into something really special – a architect and a structural engineer respectively. Small, but perfectly formed, they estimate the space cost £68,500 to complete their new home – spending £33,500 on the house itself. They didn’t skimp on finishes however in the rest of the budget, instead keeping work costs down by doing 90 per cent of the work themselves.

However, even after winning the best overall house, the award for the ‘World’s Most Amazing House’ fell elsewhere. The Quest, a new build structure in Dorset, is intriguing not just for its design quality, but also its goals of making a forever home for the septuagenarian couple who commissioned it. The concept of the home is to keep it accessible no matter what the future throws at the owners – no corridors, which are difficult for wheelchairs; one level throughout; open-plan; no steps; fixtures and fittings which are age-friendly. Like-wise, the couple have built in live-in carer facilities, all the while keeping the home stylish enough for even the most discerning design lovers.

Another special award went to the winner of the ‘Best Custom Build’ – an award called the ‘Spirit of Self Build’. This award is more about the thinking, rationale and reason behind a project, even more than the final result, however, this project really is something special all round. In London, Adam Street soon realised that he wouldn’t be able to afford to move his family into a bigger home with the space they so desperately needed. His solution was ingenious – he convinced his six neighbours in the ex-council block to vacate their homes, all to be rebuilt at double the size. The project was funded by the money raised by adding eight new apartments to the site, meaning new larger homes for the residents at just the cost of moving out of the block while the work was completed. Darren Bray, one of the award judges, praised the entrepreneurial spirit of the project as a ‘shining beacon’ of hope in the current housing climate.

These are just three projects which were deemed winners of this year’s awards – but there are plenty more to discover, especially if you’re seeking inspiration for your own self build project.


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